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NEW YouTube Video!

Episode One (Pilot) The World is Falling Round by Tunes for Tykes (Brian Stearns).

A must-watch YouTube video featuring a diverse range of music genres and artists, celebrating the beauty and diversity of our world. Tune in to be moved and inspired!

Recorded & Edited by Brian Stearns w Performances by -

Ibeliza Santos

Jessica Flanagan

Liz Mckinney

Steven Wendt

Songs -

Good Morning (Nacio Herb Brown & Arthur Freed)

Count On Me (Bruno Mars)

Joy to the World (Hoyt Axton)

Turn the World Around (Harry Belefonte)

It's a Small World (Richard M Sherman & Robert B Sherman (Book Illustrations by Joey Chou) Do Re Mi (Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein)

The World is Falling Round (Brian Stearns What a Wonderful World (Bob Thiele & George David Weiss)

No Surprises (Radiohead)

All Over the World (Jeff Lynne)

Back & Forth (Karen Banks-Lubicz)

Goodbye Song (Brian Stearns & Jenny Bradley)


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